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East Coast Gold needs your help! We exist to allow our athletes to compete at all levels, from youth to international, and we cannot do it without your support. Since our athletes compete individually, all the lifters must either work or go to school full-time. Some have precious few resources to travel and compete on their own. Funding is especially helpful to those who qualify for national championship meets but simply cannot afford to go.

Why should you support East Coast Gold and Olympic weightlifting?

Participation in athletic activities has been proven to help our youth develop not only strength of body, but also self-confidence and discipline. We stress proper diet and nutrition to obtain optimum performance and to maintain optimum weight, and as a result Olympic weightlifters enjoy outstanding physical fitness including very low bodyfat. Weightlifting is also a life-long sport for both men and women; we have participants on our team as young as eight years old and as old as 70 and beyond.

East Coast Gold commits to strict standards of coaching excellence that have elevated us to the largest, most successful weightlifting team in the country. Having produced multiple Olympians and many World/Pan Am team members, we support the Olympic goals of the United States, and your donation will help us bring our country back into the international spotlight.

Where do your donations go?

Your gifts support:

  • Athlete hotel and travel costs
  • Summer training camps
  • Team meets and events
  • Training facilities
  • Equipment
  • Website, newsletters, and other media

Our staff are all unpaid volunteers, so all of your money will go towards helping the athletes!

How to donate:

East Coast Gold is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. You can donate to ECG in a variety of ways:

Donate online with Paypal:

Donate by personal check:

Please make out all checks to East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team and mail them to:

Leo Totten
East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
654 Georgetown Road
Littlestown, PA 17340

How can my organization sponsor ECG?

We have developed a variety of sponsorship packages that include advertising on this website and at our annual team meets, the East Coast Classic and the Gold Cup Challenge. For inquiries about available packages please contact Leo Totten.

If you have arranged to purchase a specific package you can pay for it here through Paypal. In the “Sponsorship details:” field please enter any necessary information for us to connect your purchase with your packages. If you have purchased advertising you will need to send the image files of the appropriate size and format to Leo via the e-mail link above. If you are not purchasing any specific package you can write “General sponsorship (organization name)” and we will include your organization on our Fans page.

ECG cannot determine the fair market value of any benefits received in return for sponsorships.

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