Matthew Yung - East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
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Matthew Yung


When did you start weightlifting:

Started general weightlifting freshman year of high school in 2010 but did not start learning Olympic style weightlifting until February of 2014. It was April of 2014 when I decided to quit the sport of baseball and track and take on the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

Are you – Senior/Junior/Youth:

Junior – 1996

Where do you train (Facility and State):

Central Maryland Gold

Who is your coach:

Kevin Quirk

Weight Class:


Best Lifts:

Snatch – 85kg (competition)

Clean and Jerk – 100kg (competition) and 112kg (training)

National meets (where did you place, best total):

’14 American Open – 6th place overall

’15 Junior Nationals – 2nd place in clean and jerk

Any records (state/national/international, lifts & total):

**Sent an email on this**

Anything else you’d like to add:

Best 100m dash: 11.24c