East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team | Elizabeth Bartlett
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Elizabeth Bartlett

87 cj ao2014

When did you start weightlifting:
I started through Crossfit (late 2010), but didn’t learn how to snatch until 2011, and finally committed fully to “just weightlifting” December 2011. Haven’t looked back.


Senior. My 2nd meet ever was University Nationals, and that was the last year I was eligible to qualify there. Would that I knew about this sooner!

Where do you train (Facility and State):

3 locations, all in Maryland: CrossFit Retribution with Coach Leo Totten, in the weightroom of McDonogh High School (by myself and tons of teens), and in Adam Beytin’s basement.

Who are your coaches:

My main coach is Phil Sabatini, but Leo Totten sees me regularly, as well.

Weight Class:


Best Lifts:

Official 69kg– SN: 71kg, CJ: 91kg
Official 63kg– SN: 70kg, CJ: 89kg

National meets (where did you place, best total):

2012 University Nationals; 2013 Nationals and AO; 2014 Nationals and AO.