Who We Are - East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
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Who We Are

East Coast Gold Is…

We are the largest and most successful weightlifting team in the country. Formed in 1992, we exist to provide athletes with the resources they need to reach their potential. All of our athletes compete and train Drug-Free,and they include Olympians, World and Pan American team members, American Record holders, many national champions, and numerous nationally-ranked men and women.

Our Mission is to provide anyone with the opportunity to participate, according to their abilities, in competitions at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Board of Directors:

Leo Totten photo

Leo Totten

CEO & Head Coach
ODU HEADSHOT Phil Sabatini 14 28711

Phil Sabatini

President & Associate Head Coach
Headshot C. Finn

Cait Finn

Director of Outreach & Education

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