Episode 66 - Taking on Your First Meet - East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
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Episode 66 – Taking on Your First Meet

Episode 66 – Taking on Your First Meet

This week Joe is joined by Walt Neubauer.  Walt is part of the ECG leadership team, the head coach of the Wilmington Weightlifting Club, and has his sights set on qualifying for the 2019 Masters World Championships.  

Beard maintenance, squat jerks, and the benefits of taking on your first meet are the topics of the session.  The general recommendations, as you would expect are to get out there and try sooner rather than later.  Give this show a listen for the finer points and why competing has so much more to offer than not!

Along with the topics above Walt and Joe raise the level of internet coaching with this weeks Instagram critique.  Click HERE to follow along.  Be sure to give @jham7109 a follow for being a great sport. It’s also a great way to keep up with his progress.  You could be a part of our next critique by tagging the podcast page (@everydayweightlifter) in your next  weightlifting posts.

Listen Learn and Lift with Phil, Joe and their weightlifting friends each week.  If you have a topic, interview suggestion, or idea for making the show better please let us know!

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