2.2 - East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
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2/3 Rounds of:

Split Footwork Progression x 10 reps

Banded Split Walks x 5 meters each way

Arm Bars (3/5 each arm)

Primary Lifts


Warm Ups then 3 sets of 3 between 70-80%



Barbell warm ups then 3 sets of five at 65, 75 and 85% of last weeks best.  On set 3 go for max reps.


Chin’s + Alt Split Jumps + Side Planks

For 10 Minutes rotate through the above movements, reps and times.


5 chin’s (on the last rep of each set give us a max effort hold and track total reps.)

:45 Right Side Plank

10 Jumps (5 each leg)

:45 Left Side plank

Get Right

Hang from a chin grip for 2 minutes working the following breathing sequence.  If grip strength is an issue accumulate the 2 minutes.

Official partner with Uesaka Barbell